Unbelievable morning suit. Made for a clients wedding. He chose an unconventional set up and it turned out to be stunning. @loropianaofficial fabric. We don’t just do incredible suits. @kingdom_london

What a way to spend the weekend after 5 straight months of non stop work. Back at it now. #wholeteamsatit #mayfair #work #buildingabrand @kingdom_london

Throwback to our first double page spread in a beautiful magazine. @elitelivingafrica thank you. #hardwork #buildingabrand #nonstop

Every time we eat here we feel like we’ve been undercharged. Possibly our favourite restaurant in london. @gordongram kills it again. 👏 #neighbourhood #london

When the office is trying to work but your friends are hell bent on bringing the party to you. #tribe #loyalsupporters #buildingabrand #nonstop @kingdom_london

Disappointed to be missing the trip to Pitti and not be able to catch up with some good friends and even better mentors in a few weeks.. However a trip down here to see a client is not so bad. #bankholiday #portoercole ✌️💥 @kingdom_london

My buddy @vasjmorgan looking sublime in the brand. Dressed down looks just as 🔥🔥🔥 as dress up. We don’t just cater to CEO’s. Functionality is a big part of what we sell. #Rebels P.s suits should always be classic, for inspiration look to Savile Row and my personal favourite… Neapolitan Tailors. Less is sometimes more. @permanentstylelondon has written a great book. James Sherwood is a master. @kingdom_london 💥💥

Throwback to where it all began.
A year ago this photo got retweeted by a few blogs with a combined following of about 3.5/4 million people. We were stunned at the response.
We’re not on Savile Row nor did we ever claim to be. Our brand trajectory simply doesn’t fit it. We are young, new and different yet adhere mostly to the traditional ethos of the row.
Our cut is more updated but still classic. We love catering to clients looking for a fresh outlook on tailoring without compromising looking the part/acceptable.
As we grow we have many clients across all age groups that value our service and what we do. We are lucky to have them. Long may it continue.
Wait till you see what we have in store. 😊

#kingdom @kingdom_london 💥💥🇬🇧🇬🇧🔥🔥