Kingdom is a fashion house based on three things, Style, Art and Creativity. We use the finest fabrics and work with the best craftsmen in Italy to produce superlative luxury for the modern nomad.

Anthony designs for himself. Much of his inspiration is from trips to Italy as a child combined with the energy he gets when in cities like Los Angeles and London and his love of art and history.

Each collection is based around a period of time in ancient history and brought to life in a modern way.

“Every client feels, reflects and presents the best version of himself wearing Kingdom; confident, polished, cool. Kingdom pieces are a physical manifestation of success.” This is the kingdom ethos. 

Kingdom aims to celebrate the accomplishments of Captains of Industry; via the Sanctum section of the website and by dressing men to reflect their achievement.

“Anthony demonstrates an exceptional contemporary understanding of luxury, style and what people want” enthused a client.

We have become intrinsic to our clients daily lives as they choose a subtle aesthetic recognizable to a close elite.

Welcome to our world.